If I want to incorporate eye tracking or gaze control into my game, how do I do it? What resources are available from EyeTech?

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QuickLink2 + Unity

The link below features the following:

  • Shows an analog clock in Unity3D (based off a tutorial)
  • Loads a .cal file from the harddrive (generated by QL2)
  • Prints x/y eye tracking gaze position in the console.

Mono, the C Sharp compiler in Unity, requires .NET 2.0. QuickLink2's wrapper complies with this, but the example Calibration in the regular C Sharp wrapper uses WindowForms to draw the targets which are not included in Mono. And when using a graphics/gaming library like Unity, it doesn't make sense to use WindowForms in general.


This file has all the 20 Aug 2013 updates that are on the google code repository.

UPDATE: Some more information about loading a calibration:

In the example mentioned above, the commented out calibration process used Window Forms in C#/.NET, which is not supported by Mono in Unity. Drawing the targets and then calling Device_Calibration on each of the targets is necessary to perform a calibration. If you want to load a previous calibration and add in the calibration process later, please use QuickGLANCE or QuickACCESS to calibrate, and then you can find the file for the calibration under:


or it might be under

C:/ProgramData/EyeTechDS/<program name>/*.cal

The example Unity project should attempt to load a calibration file and apply it.


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