The new version doesn't work. It complains of device not inited (init-ed).

How do I get it to work?

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There are four things to check on when deploying a Unity application, especially for a public display:

  1. The drivers are installed
  2. It has the appropriate dll's next to the exe
  3. It can find a calibration file
  4. It runs the right version on startup

And if you are doing this more than a few times, then to start looking into getting an installer made.


The driver and driver installer is included in every installer on the eyetech's support page:



Unity eye tracking games require:

  • QuickLink2.dll - always required for all EyeTech eye tracker models
  • SMX11MX.dll - VT2, VT2 Mini and TM4 Mini models
  • PGRFlyCapture.dll - TM3 or TM4 models
  • pgrflycapturegui.dll - TM3 or TM4 models

These dll's need to be copied and present right next to the exe in the install folder.


A calibration will probably be searched for in: C:/ProgamData/EyeTechDS/QLCalibration_Default_User.cal

Some versions may look for the .cal file right next to the exe, too.

To update the stock calibration file, use a program like Quick Glance or QuickACCESS, to create a new one. Both of them create them somewhere under the C:/ProgramData/EyeTechDS folder structure.

Startup Folder

To launch it on startup, from the Start Menu or the Windows Metro/App screen type shell:startup and press enter. This will show a folder with the path of C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Remove any old shortcuts for the Unity game here, and replace it with a shortcut to the exe with the most up-to-date version.


An NSIS installer can do all of the above tasks given time and testing. Request for an installer, and engineering time can be allocated to it.


answered 20 Aug '14, 15:28

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