When running the TM5 it doesn't work. There is an error about not finding the camera, or when it does find the camera, it shows a completely white or black screen.

What is going on? How do I fix it?

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This black screen issue is also related to the Windows Power options.


Be sure to also make sure you are using the correct gauge of USB cable. 24 Gauge is recommended. (Should feel thicker and heavier than most of the USB cables around).


answered 08 Jul '15, 20:29

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There are a few things to check:

  • The driver is found properly.
  • The lens is uncovered.
  • The camera is getting enough power.
  • See if a new firmware is available for the AEye device.
  • Gain is set too high or too low

Fix AEye Drivers

First look under Device Manager to see if it lists EyeTechDeviceClass, and it should show AEyeDevice. If it is not there and the camera is plugged in, it has a driver problem.

Sometimes a driver can get corrupted and doesn't work the way it should, or it gets uninstalled by another user. If QuickACCESS or QuickGLANCE is on the computer, find the driver folder under C:/Program Files/EyeTechDS/Drivers or Drivers64.

Open the EyeTechDriverInstaller2.exe in that folder.

After it finishes, you should be able to find the AEye device in Device Manager. If it isn't listed, then there it is a cable or connector issue.

If the driver is present, and it still is showing an all white or an all black screen in Quick Glance or QuickACCESS, make sure it is plugged in with a Y-cable. It has a mini usb connector on one end and two full USB connectors on the other end(s).

Power Cycling the Camera

UPDATE A fix is available for the AEye based cameras to not need to be power cycled due to system restarts. See http://answers.eyetechds.com/questions/229/restarting-issue-aeye for more information.

After plugging it in, power cycle the camera fully by unplugging the end connected to the camera, NOT the ends connected to the computer. Wait 10 seconds for all the power in the camera to dissipate, then plug it back in.

You should hear Windows recognize the new USB connection, and probably show a new icon in the system tray while it is matching it to the appropriate driver.

Gain Setting

If the Gain setting is set to Manual, and it set extremely high or low, this could cause an all white or an all black screen.

Firmware Issue or Other

If it still is having problems after this point, then a firmware update is required, or an RMA. For both of these issues, please contact EyeTech Technical Support: eyetechds.com/support


answered 20 Aug '14, 17:46

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Another option that can cause this problem is if Quick Glance gets a setting changed where it doesn't display the image:

Quick Glance > Settings > Advanced Settings > Processing (tab)

A number of the checkboxes on the left side can be changed and influence what the live view or camera view shows. Make sure all of them are checked to ensure proper eye tracking and mouse control.

The Grid 2 and other programs that interact with QuickLinkAPI may adjust these settings at times. This is the most common reason that a white screen would be shown.


answered 17 Sep '14, 19:45

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If this is a frequent issue with an AEye based camera please see the fix listed here:



answered 07 Nov '14, 14:18

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