QuickACCESS pops up a window that says:

An update for the firmware of
your eye tracker is available.

Please contact [email protected]
to update your firmware.

What does this mean? How do I fix it?

asked 27 Aug '14, 15:37

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This means that the AEye chip in the eye tracker may not be up-to-date, with algorithm improvements and capability upgrades that the PC software may try to use.

This is common with beta versions of the AEye that we're sent out early in the life cycle of the AEye.

QuickACCESS may be upgraded in the future to automatically perform these updates.

For the time being call or email to schedule a TeamViewer support session to remotely upgrade you device.

The current revision of the AEye can be seen by going to

System Tray Icon > About QuickACCESS

And look for the text AEye 0x26 or a similar hexidecimal number.


answered 27 Aug '14, 17:23

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phyatt ♦♦
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edited 27 Aug '14, 18:14

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