The eye tracker doesn't start properly when the computer restarts (and even on a cold start), often with an error in QuickACCESS that says:

The camera is taking longer than usual to start up...

Unplugging the camera tends to make it work. What's going on? How do I fix it?

asked 29 Aug '14, 11:44

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UPDATE This issue has been resolved. Please see: http://answers.eyetechds.com/questions/229/restarting-issue-aeye

Basically the AEye enumerates itself if it gets power cycled, and stays enumerated through an entire session of Windows, but when the computer goes through a "restart" where the AEye never loses power, it fails to announce itself again on the USB bus, when Windows starts communicating on the USB bus again and then gets into an undefined state.

And even on a cold start, the boot stage of the AEye may complete, before Windows queries/enumerates the USB bus.

We are working on it. A firmware update will be available when it is completed. This affects all cameras that use the AEye chip, including: TM5, TM5 mini, VT3, VT3 mini.

The AEye chip can be remotely upgraded to be fixed to not have that issue, but we still haven't fixed it in house yet. It is our top priority bug right now.

In the mean time, please unplug the camera sometime after the computer has shutdown and windows is starting back up, so that it can be found and used in Windows again.


answered 29 Aug '14, 11:48

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phyatt ♦♦
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edited 07 Nov '14, 14:17

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