How can I remove the Windows confirmation pop up window that asks if program is allowed to perform changes every time I launch QuickACCESS?

It pops up with the dialog:

User Account Control
Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?

          Program Name: QuickACCESS
          Verified Publisher: EyeTech Digital Systems

                                                    Change when these notifications appear

asked 09 Sep '14, 15:40

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Basically for QuickACCESS to be able to control the Windows On-Screen-Keyboard, it needs additional permissions.

If another keyboard is in use, an alternate version of QuickACCESS can be generated that doesn't request as high of permissions.

The options when building QuickACCESS (in the manifest file) have: asInvoker, highestAvailable, and requireAdministrator. Thus far we have been building with highestAvailable.

The working solution for now, is to turn off the UAC prompts, or simply to say Yes to the prompt above each time QuickACCESS is launched.

UPDATE Link to a version of QuickACCESS that runs asInvoker instead of highestAvailable.

QuickACCESS beta 1.6 No Admin Download

Known issues:

  • Problems clicking on and minimizing osk.exe (on screen keyboard)
  • Run on startup option isn't available in the Extras dialog... the alternative to get this version to run on startup is to instead run shell:startup and copy the QuickACCESS shortcut to the folder that pops up.


answered 10 Sep '14, 15:39

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Alternative on screen keyboards can be found here: http://answers.eyetechds.com/questions/69/on-screen-keyboards

(07 Nov '14, 15:01) phyatt ♦♦
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