Could eye tracking be added to wearable devices like Google Glass, Meta Pro, Oculus Rift or other head mounted systems?

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Short Answer

The short answer is yes.

Long Answer With Background and Explanations

EyeTech has invested heavily in eye tracking algorithms, and in the last two years, moving those eye tracking algorithms onto a chip.

This technology, also known as, “AEye”, is now in our latest line of remote eye trackers. Although the complete eye tracking systems we sell at this time are all remote systems, the processing chip would also work perfectly well for a properly configured headmounted system. It is basically just scaling the components down and placing them close to the eye. In many respects this is much easier than remote tracking because the positioning is fixed and the distances are so short.

Head mounted eye tracking, or wearable eye tracking, has been in use by several companies and can be done with cheaper cameras and cheaper lenses. This is mainly because you don’t need as sensitive pixels, nor do you need pixel coverage of a large area. And because the camera is so close to the eye, to get accurate measurements of pupil position, you don’t need as many pixels. The only requirement mainly is a small profile for the camera to fit in the frames of the glasses.

The complexity of wearable eye tracking is much less than remote eye tracking. The limitations on camera size are being overcome by cell phone and laptop manufacturers.

The AEye "Eyetracking on a Chip" technology offers a unique opportunity to build very compact headmounted eye trackers with all of the processing being done in the headmounted unit. EyeTech can work with customers to help them with the design and integration process.


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