We are calibrating a user that is only tracking a single eye. The user is only able to reliably move a single eye.

When starting a calibration it fails before the calibration can finish. It shows the eye is tracked, but it doesn't explain why it is failing, it just shows the image of the user.

What is happening? How do I fix it?

asked 17 Sep '14, 20:18

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The most likely reason this is happening is because the calibration requires two eyes to be found and tracked, and only one eye is found. To change the requirements for the calibration, go to:

Quick Glance > Settings > Advanced Settings > Processing (tab) > Eyes To Process


QuickACCESS > Settings (gears) > Eye (tab) > Eyes To Process

And change it from Left and/or Right to the eye that should be found, such as Left only or Right only.


answered 17 Sep '14, 20:22

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Another reason why it won't calibrate is if it can't get a lock on the eyes.

Failure to lock on the eyes can be caused by

  • Too big of a screen (glints streak on the eye)
  • Camera out of focus
  • Sitting too close to the eye tracker
  • Sitting too far from the eye tracker
  • Smudges or marks on the glass of the eye tracker
  • Not sitting in view of the eye tracker
  • Obscured pupils (by eye lids, eye lashes, or glasses reflections)

Several of these are much less of an issue with the AEye technology. The AEye is very forgiving about how much of the pupil is visible.

See the slide show in QuickACCESS for some hints about all these issues and suggestions to overcome them.


answered 23 Sep '14, 19:01

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