We have a patient who has been using Eye Tracking for years (very successfully), but the disease he has is progressing and his control of his eyes and eye lids are degrading.

What recommendations do you have? What other options are there beyond eye gaze/eye tracking?

How do I communicate these options to insurance and to family members?

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For 10 years I have seen hundreds of ALS, CP, SCI, TBI or other Motor Neuron Disorders clients who sometimes suddenly are unable to use their eye gaze system even though many of them have been successfully using their device for many time years. In my experience there are a few great options which can help during periods where users for some reason or another are unable to get their system tracking. Here are a few things I have learned that I thought I would share in hopes that it will help someone who might be going through a rough time right now and unable to use their device.

  • If the user is on medication I have often seen the medicine cause excessive tearing or droopy eye lids which can negatively affect tracking performance. I have found taking regular breaks to prevent over fatigue really helps. I have also found users have a period of time during the day where they are most fresh. This can very based on the user's preference but often right after they wake up or after feedings can be the best times to use the device. Finding the right times can really help the user be more productive and eliminate frustration and over fatigue.
  • Sometimes users need a break from their device and I highly recommend getting a back-up access method which can help give the user an alternative way to communicate. Low-tech eye gaze boards are a great low cost option.
  • Try scanning using a switch or scatter switch is also great option.
  • I have also seen simple one blink for Yes and no blinks for No as a way for caregivers and family members to ask questions and get a yes or no answer.

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