I'm looking at selling a package including an eye tracker / eye gaze system.

What should I know to be successful? What kinds of funding are available? What kinds of insurance cover eye tracking?

What is the difference between an eye tracking package and a speech generation device (SGD)?

What should I look for in a computer to pair up with an eye tracking package?

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At EyeTech we are looking for companies who can package our eye tracking devices with their own package. We have a variety of mounting solutions for easy mounting to desktop, laptop, tablet and/or speech devices. Our engineering team can also design custom mounting brackets that meet our partners exact need.

Our experienced engineering team is also available to help you integrate your favorite App using our powerful QuickLINK 2 API to enable a seamless interface for the best user experience possible.

Depending on which market you are in there might be funding available to help customers get a large percentage of the cost paid for by insurance, government funding (Medicare, Medicaid) or non-profit organizations which may also be able to help.

For 18 years we have been selling our eye tracking solution through value added resellers who are able to put together an eye tracking package that meets the needs of their market.

Our new eye trackers now work on nearly any device because the eye tracker now has a computer chip inside which does all of the image processing inside. This takes nearly all the processing burden off the computer so the eye trackers can now work an an Atom processor or better. This is a tremendous advantage for our dealers and resellers because this allows them to bring more cost effective solutions to their market to help drive more sales.

The computer or speech device you are using should have a single USB port which is what the eye tracker uses to get all of its power and connect to the computer. A simple driver installer is downloaded or can be easily added to your own custom installer too.

EyeTech's engineering team will remotely share screens and talk with the dealer/reseller over the phone to help train them on the device and help the dealer/reseller every step of the way until the package is completely ready to sell to their market.


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