I'm looking for the best value eye tracker. What are the best selling eye trackers available?

Why should I choose EyeTech over other big names around the eye tracking world?

What other factors should I consider when buying an eye tracker?

Some of the factors I've heard so far are:

  • cost
  • precision
  • accuracy
  • covered by insurance
  • works well with fill in the blank software
  • high speed / frame rate / fps
  • portability
  • battery life
  • screen size
  • warranty
  • "first" company that has done such and such
  • number of patents
  • years developing an algorithm
  • trade secrets
  • cost of technical support
  • cost of training
  • cost of setup and evaluation

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EyeTech has a number of pros going for it. On most pages of its main website it has items such as the following:

EyeTech Industry Firsts

  • First Windows™-based eye tracking mouse
  • First USB eye tracker
  • First mini version eye tracker (smaller, thinner, faster)
  • First long distance eye tracker

Headquarters and Global Network

EyeTech has a nice global presence through a bunch of dealers listed here: http://www.eyetechaac.com/quote-request.shtml

The company is based out AZ in the US.


The hardware is solid. I’ve seen demos where our dealers bang the eye tracker on the table like a hammer to show how rigid and solid it is. Single piece machined aluminum. No moving parts. Made in the USA. Awesome.

The camera is top of the line, and the lenses are thoroughly tested by our CEO before any changes are made to the eye tracking setup.

The “smart camera” iteration EyeTech announce in 2013, and delivered summer 2014, aka AEye Technology, is amazing. Better tracking, independent of computer specs and capability. Works on lightweight computers (Atom processor, Android Tablets), etc.

EyeTech hasn’t been aquiring patents for the sake of sounding good to investors. Instead EyeTech has kept all of its proprietary algorithms as trade-secrets, like how Cocacola has kept its formula secret.


There are the up front costs of an eye tracker. Keith Jackson, is the man to contact about pricing buying directly from us, but in most cases, contacting a dealer near you is a good idea. Working through dealers, they are better able to show off the device in person, in your timezone, etc.

Insurance often covers it for many individuals. Our dealer network is specialized in finding out insurance coverage info.

But when comparing to other eye trackers and an initial cost is mentioned that sounds really low, be sure to ask what it includes and doesn’t include.

Keep in mind that $1000’s of dollars for training, support, demonstration, etc is not unheard of with other eye tracking systems, and they keep it in the small print until after you are committed to their system.

Another gotcha that often comes with other eye tracking systems, is that when you want to upgrade to a new computer, you also must buy their newer eye tracker.

EyeTech continues to support eye trackers that have been in the field 10+ years.

EyeTech as a company is family/care giver/developer/hospital friendly. We are well known for our technical expertise and for our quality of Technical Support.

Disclaimer: I’ve worked at eyetech for a number of years, and I’ve written a lot of the front end software. I’ve answered many tech support calls, and I’ve supported dealers and developers directly. I’ve attended many tradeshows and demoed the technology to hundreds of individuals.


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