I am interested in getting up and running with Android eye tracking. Where is your demo project so I can get working on it?

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If you have git installed on your computer, you just need to call:

git clone https://gitlab.eyetechds.com/android_developers_public/aeye_usb_ref.git

This will create a folder called aeye_usb_ref on your computer. Then follow the ReadMe.txt instructions to open the project and use it in ADT.

alt text

Here are the links if you want to browse the GitLab repository:

The readme.txt should answer most questions about it's functionality and the initial setup.

The android device needs to have OTG support. When you are ordering the AEye, be sure to mention your intention to use it with Android, and we will make sure you have the proper cabling setup.


A newer sample project has been created using Android Studio and Android API version 23. The QuickLink API has been repackaged as an AAR file and is included in the new sample project. The updated sample project can be downloaded here:


The javadoc for the QuickLink API can be downloaded here:



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