I am running QuickACCESS, and it functions correctly most of the time, but on top of certain windows it doesn't perform properly.

For example, a blink click will work on the desktop to open a folder, but will not work inside the File Explorer window that pops up.

What is going on? How do I fix it?

asked 30 Oct '14, 10:26

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Different Click Methods

Be sure to make sure that the other types of clicking work, such as Dwell Clicking and Spacebar Clicking.

Dwell clicking can be turned on from Settings > Mouse (tab) > Click Method.

Spacebar clicking can be toggled using the button on the blue hotspot near the bottom left, that looks like a mouse on top of a keyboard.

QuickGLANCE Test

Replicating the same clicking issue in Quick Glance, makes it much easier to narrow down the problem, and if it is machine specific or related to the eye tracking for the user.

QuickACCESS uiAccess, LowLevelHooksTimeout

On a few machines, if there are other applications that are also hooking the mouse, clicks won't happen sometimes from QuickACCESS. To try to fix this issue, please increase the LLHooksTimeout value.



Open regedit.exe

Navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\LowLevelHooksTimeout

And double the value from 1500 DEC to 3000 DEC. And restart the computer. If the error is still happening, then it is not related to a hooking competition problem.

Run As Administrator

In some cases, accessing a secure window on a locked down machine may be difficult if it isn't running with the right permissions. Right click on the shortcut for QuickACCESS and click Run as Administrator and try to replicate the problem. Also check to see if the current user on the machine is an Administrator in Control Panel > Manage Users can show possible problems.


Some antivirus programs out there may have a false positive on QuickACCESS or some of the actions from QuickACCESS. Please also check to see if the problem can resolved by turning off the antivirus for 10 minutes, or 1 hour or by whitelisting the application directory of QuickACCESS.


answered 30 Oct '14, 10:30

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