The eye tracker sometimes stops tracking and showing the image, and upon relaunch the camera, it says it can't find it.

What is going on? And how do I fix it?

This is on a Windows Laptop/Tablet.

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What is happening

What is probably happening is the computer is running on a low power or energy efficient mode, and to conserve battery power Windows switches the USB ports for the eye tracker to low power, and the camera shuts down, and no longer is available.

Here are the two errors that you may be seeing when relaunching the programs after the tracking stops.

Quick Glance QuickACCESS

Text of Errors:

Error Reading Serial Number Verify that the camera's power LED is on. Verify that the data cable is securely connected to the camera and the computer. If the LED is on and the cable is connected, you may need to reinstall the camera driver. See the user's manual for details.

No eye tracker was detected on your system. Disconnect the eye tracker. Reconnect it after 10 seconds. Restart Quick Access. If you feel that you have received this message in error, please contact us at: [email protected] eyetechds.com/support 1-888-539-3832, ext 2

How to Disable USB Power Suspension

To fix this issue, go to

Control Panel > Power Options > Change plan settings > Change advanced power options > USB Settings > USB selective suspend setting

and change the two options in the tree from Enabled to Disabled.

alt text

Then, lastly, reconnect the camera, and the intermittent disconnects should go away.


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