While running the latest QuickACCESS, it often requires two taps to be able to click on anything.

What is going on? How do I fix it?

asked 13 Nov '14, 14:21

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Two taps is expected, and it is working as expected.

What is going on

The first tap stalls the eye tracker for 5 seconds. The second tap does a normal click. Currently we don’t have a way to interpret the xy data from first tap, only to know that the touch screen was active, and then to stop the eye tracker so that the touch screen can become useful.

The times when it doesn’t need two taps, is while the eye tracker is still stalled from the last click that was performed.

How to fix it

If you increase the stall time to be higher, then it will probably only need one tap most of the time.

You can adjust it in the ini file with:




answered 13 Nov '14, 14:23

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If the clicking methods on Quick Glance are desired in QuickACCESS, please try disabling the Mouse Hook in the Extras Dialog in QuickACCESS.

System Tray Icon > Extras > Enable Mouse Hooking (uncheck)

This should restore motion and clicking to behave like before.

Note: On many touch screens, the touch screen won't move the mouse or click due to mouse activity. It is waiting for the "hardware mouse" or any non-touch screen mouse to stop moving before enabling the touch screen.

The two click behavior that was added Sept/Oct 2014 in QuickACCESS was an effort to work better with Touch Screens, across Windows XP all the way to Windows 8.1.

Some new options are available in Windows 8.1 for interacting with Touch positions, in our research so far, the behavior in how it interacts with the hardware mouse is dependent on the drivers that were written for the touch screen.

Here are some notes about touch screen drivers and PID/HID information:

HID Devices PID and VID

August 8, 2014

Touch screens and raw input and stuff like that often requires knowledge of what PID and VID are in use by a system.

Here are the best resources I found so far:







General links about globally hooking Touch Screens



More Stuff on General Raw Input




And lastly, an awesome inspection tool right up there with spy++ and autoitspy

http://www.rohitab.com/ – API Monitor is awesome for inspecting Windows API calls and messages to and from processes and services.

And lastly some windows messages stuff




answered 16 Jan '15, 12:40

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