I’m using a VT1 with Quick Glance Version 6.3 Install Version I'm reformatting my system and tried downloading the same version but with no success. Can this version still be found or sent to me?

What newer software versions can work with my setup?


asked 02 Jan '15, 00:49

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After further feedback from this user, with a VT1, the most recent version of QuickGLANCE from our website worked great for him!

There was a big push in late 2014 to make sure QuickLink2 + QuickLinkAPI + QuickGLANCE was backwards compatible for older setups, and older third party software.

Download the current Quick Glance from: http://www.eyetechds.com/support


answered 16 Jan '15, 14:48

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A VT1 Eye Tracker from EyeTech is still supported and continues to be tested in new builds. The internal technology in the VT1 is similar to the TM3, so anywhere it says that a TM3 is supported, it also implies that the VT1 should be supported, too.

Quick Glance is somewhat hidden on our website since our rebranding and the development of QuickACCESS.

Here is where we keep Quick Glance Downloads (under our eyetechaac.com support page):


Scrolling down in the list there, the one closest to the build you requested is from Dec 6th, 2011 (aka instead of Nov 4th, 2011 (aka


Our latest versions of QuickGLANCE and QuickACCESS should be compatible with your setup. As of November 2014, we have a beta version of our latest QuickGLANCE that has compatibility with older Speech Generation Software.

Hope that helps.


answered 02 Jan '15, 00:56

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