I am having a hard time eye tracking. There appears to be multiple glints on my eye and it doesn't work. What is wrong? and how do I fix it?

asked 22 Jan '15, 17:23

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There can be multiple issues causing additional glints in the eye. The glints are reflections in the eye from the Infra-red lights. These glints allow the algorithm to determine eye gaze position. Having multiple glints can cause problems prohibiting accurate eye tracking. These include excessive eye moisture, external infra-red light sources, and camera gain set to high as major contributors. Blinking or wiping the eye can help clear excessive moisture from the eye and allow more accurate eye tracking. Trying to control the environment from windows and other light sources also is effective at reducing additional glints in the eye.

The eye tracker can be enabled for Auto Gain mode. This is where the software tries to determine the optimal gain setting for the environment. This can cause excessive gain in certain situations. The resolution to this is to use a manual gain mode and set the gain that is best for the environment. Both QuickGLANCE and QuickACCESS methods are shown below.

QuickGLANCE Manual Gain

  1. Start QuickGLANCE
  2. From the "Quick Glance" window select "Settings" button
  3. In the "Settings" window click on "Advanced Settings" check box in the lower left corner
  4. Click on the "Camera" tab
  5. Under the Gain area, change the drop down from "Auto" to "Manual"
  6. Set the Gain value by using the arrows to the optimal setting for your environment
  7. Click "OK"
  8. Continue eye tracking usage

QuickACCESS Manual Gain

  1. Start QuickACCESS
  2. Open the Settings Dialog
  3. Open the Eye settings options
  4. Click on the Gain button
  5. Set the Gain value by using clicking on the numbers. Clicking on top or bottom values shifts the numbers up and down respectively to get the values desired. When appropriate setting is found, click on the green check mark to apply the setting.
  6. Continue eye tracking usage

answered 22 Jan '15, 17:43

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