Eye tracking can bring a great quantitative perspective to Autism research, neurological disorders like Parkinson, Alzheimers, as well as brain concussions.

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Eye tracking devices for medical applications track a lot more than simply gaze position. Pupil size, saccades, and other valuable metrics are output through EyeTech's eye tracking API which now supports both Windows and Android devices. The VT3 mini eye tracker developer kit is the ideal solution for an eye tracking diagnostic tool because it offers fast frame rates (60, 120 and 200Hz), hardware based time stamps for each data sample and powerful research analytics software tools to help automate the analysis (heat maps, gaze plots, time to first fixation, etc.). Eye tracking technology is a great tool to help run baseline testing so that when someone either experiences a concussion or is diagnosed with a neurological disorder like alzheimers, parkinsons, etc. the eye tracking data collected can help provide valuable eye metric data for helping diagnose and treat each case and measure the treatment effectiveness.

Partner solutions powered by EyeTech's new VT3 mini eye tracker which can offer these valuable metrics include:


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