1. Is the hole pattern in the back of the TM4 Mini exactly the same as that of the TM5 Mini?

  2. What size are the screws for the TM5 Mini?

asked 17 Feb '15, 14:17

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Yes the hole pattern in the back on the TM4 mini and TM5 mini are the same. The screw size is M3.


answered 17 Feb '15, 14:38

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The TM5-Mini has the M3 threaded mounting holes in a standoffs that protrudes 3mm of the back off the camera. The diameter of the standoffs are 4.5mm. The maximum depth of the threads inside the standoffs is 3.5 mm deep. The thread size and hole pattern on the TM5-Mini is the same as the TM4-Mini but the 3mm tall standoffs mean the camera may stand off slightly farther depending on the size of the mounting holes in the bracket you are trying to mate it up to.


answered 17 Feb '15, 18:00

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Mini VESA Plate

TM5-Mini VESA Plate


answered 18 Feb '15, 14:49

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edited 18 Feb '15, 14:51

alt text

TM4 VESA Plate


answered 18 Feb '15, 14:50

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