Sometimes the mouse cursor is jumpy or erratic.

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The eye tracking camera should give a smoothly moving cursor when operated at the range it was focused for - usually about 60 cm. If the eye is moved in closer or farther, at some point you will see erratic cursor movement.

For the best installation (or if a user is having jumpy cursor problems) when first setting up a system use these steps:

  • Move the system toward the user and then away from the user while watching the cursor movement. Find the limits of reliable operation and setup the user toward the center of this range.
  • If needed make slight adjustments to focus to shift the useable range

How to change the focus:

  • The front cover is magnetically attached. Use the sticky side of a piece of tape to grip the face plate to pull it off. Or, you can use a knife blade to pry it off.
  • Use a sharpie marker to make a small mark at the top of the lens housing - see picture
  • Turn the lens very slightly - 1/8 turn is usually plenty.
  • Clockwise shifts the useable range away from the user. Counter clockwise brings it closer.

Sharpie mark at 12:00 position.

alt text

After rotation 1/8 turn, the sharpie mark is at the 10:30 position and the usable range is significantly moved in.

alt text


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