At CES you showed off a smart phone with a small eye tracker on it.

What would it take to get the eye tracker into the phone?

What are ways that it could be integrated? What licensing deals are offered by EyeTech?

asked 23 Feb '15, 18:26

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EyeTech offers a few different license models for getting eye tracking into just about anything.

EyeTech's algorithms can run on an existing core of a processor. This is referred to as the software only solution.

They can run on EyeTech's own chip (AEye, eye tracking on a chip).

The eye tracker shown at CES and at other tradeshows, shows the level of independence that the eye tracking algorithms run.

Typically for a dark pupil setup on a phone, you want to have a few inches of space between the eye tracker and the IR LEDs.

Here is a video of the demo from CES:


More about it can be found here:



answered 02 Mar '15, 17:12

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phyatt ♦♦
accept rate: 8%

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