I want to use the 64 bit version of QuickLink2 dll's for my application. Where do I download them?

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It was included in our base API installer in the past, but it was removed because almost almost none of our users used it.

Download x64 QuickLink2

Here is a recent build of QuickLink2 with x64 support for those that need it:

QuickLink2_x86_x64_2.7.3.2.zip - 12,259 KB, Includes all SDK files (bin, bin64, doc, include, lib, lib64, src)

QL2MatlabWrapper_15.03.31_x64.zip - 763 KB

Additional DLL Information

The dll's that should be included to support EyeTech's full range of cameras (including legacy cameras) is

QuickLink2.dll  - All cameras require this one.
PGRFlyCapture.dll - TM2, TM3, TM4, TM3 USB, VT1
SMX11MX.dll - TM4 Mini, VT2, VT2 Mini, EyeOn, EyeOn Mini

The newer AEye based cameras only require QuickLink2.dll such as VT3, VT3 Mini, TM5, TM5 Mini, etc.

Once the latest x64 dll's are listed in an installer, an update will be posted to this thread.


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