The AEye based cameras are faster and better in almost all respects than previous eye trackers from eyetech.

The left and right head motion tolerance isn't very great right now. It takes a relatively long time to reaquire the eyes when the head moves a few inches left or right.

Is there a way to improve it? What are the steps to implement it?

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Strobing is the act of turning the IR lights on and off on the eye tracker at specific intervals to improve tracking and performance.

Enabling strobing significantly improves the side-to-side head motion tolerance.

Is Strobing Turned On?

Right now strobing is not turned on by default. The strobing feature on the AEye is still in beta as of 22 April 2015.

If you look at the live view of the camera, there looks like there a partial view of the face when it has a lock on the eyes. It shows only a gradient band across the eyes. The partial view of the face is only due to the partial illumination of IR lighting across a single frame of the camera.

How to Turn on Strobing

Below are the steps for turn on strobing:

  1. Check the hardware version on the back of the TM5 Mini or on the back of a VT3 Mini. If the hardware version is 1.1 then you are ready to go. If the hardware version is less than 1.1, please contact eyetech for getting the hardware/firmware updated.
  2. Update to the latest firmware available for the AEye on the Downloads/Support page
  3. Download the Quick Glance debug settings file
  4. Copy the settings file into C:/ProgramData/EyeTechDS/Quick Glance
  5. Restart Quick Glance.
  6. Now you should be able to see a band across the eyes indicating that strobing is enabled.

answered 22 Apr '15, 14:35

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Updated two settings in the QL2DebugSettings.txt!

(08 Jul '15, 20:26) phyatt ♦♦
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