Can a normal camera be used for eye tracking? Are there any changes needed for it to work?

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The RGB camera will need to have the IR blocking filter removed. The device manufacturer would then need to add two IR lights on each side of the screen and install EyeTech's eye tracking software in order for the manufacturer to achieve eye tracking capability using the internal hardware of the device

Manufacturers of consumer or industrial products can now use EyeTech's software only eye tracking solution to their next generation devices.


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Most commercial eye gaze tracking systems are based on the use of infrared lights. However, such systems may not work outdoor or may have a very limited head box for them to work. This paper proposes a non-infrared based approach to track one’s eye gaze with an RGBD camera (in our case, Kinect). The proposed method adopts a personalized 3D face model constructed off-line. To detect the eye gaze, our system tracks the iris center and a set of 2D facial landmarks whose 3D locations are provided by the RGBD camera. A simple onetime calibration procedure is used to obtain the parameters of the personalized eye gaze model. We compare the performance of the proposed method against the 2D approach using only RGB input on the same images, and find that the use of depth information directly from Kinect achieves more accurate tracking. As expected, the results from the proposed method are not as accurate as the ones from infrared-based approaches. However, this method has the potential for practical use with upcoming better and cheaper depth cameras. Check for custom writing service.


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