I just cannot find the bandwidth adjustment in the current version of QuickACCESS. Also, I remember that there was a field of view adjustment for width as well as height, the width adjustment is also not showing.

How do I adjust those settings, or where do I find them now?

asked 08 Jun '15, 16:46

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Those settings got hidden in recent versions. To turn their visibility back on, go to:

alt text

alt text

System Tray Icon > About > View Add'l Settings

After the button is checked (highlighted blue or looks like it is depressed), go back to

Settings (Gears Icon) > Eye tab

And you should be able to see the missing settings.

alt text

One minor bug of "View Add'l Settings", is it sometimes hangs after clicking the check mark. (The settings window minimizes but doesn't finish hiding). Clicking anywhere on the settings screen again gets it to continue.


answered 08 Jun '15, 17:03

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phyatt ♦♦
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edited 09 Jun '15, 16:41

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