When interacting with the API, I am drawing the cross hairs on top of the eyes like Quick Glance...

But right now the cross hairs of the pupil position tend to move or float while the video stays still for a few frames.

How can I speed up the video rate to match the cross hairs better?

asked 18 Jun '15, 17:08

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Basically, with the AEye, the data stream has priority over the video stream. The video stream can come faster if it is downsampled more before sending.

The setting for downsampling was released with QL2 2.6.3.

Downsample Scale Factor Setting

/// @brief The scale at which to downsample the image before sending it over USB. The downsampled
/// image is actually 1/(this value) in both the x and y direction, so a value of 2 will downsample
/// the image to 1/2 the original image width and 1/2 the original image height. A value of 5 will
/// downsample the image to 1/5 the original width and 1/5 the original image height.

Display Window Settings

There are two other settings related to a "display window" which are still in beta. They are not currently in QLTypes.h as of June 2015, and may be changed in future versions, but they affect the downsample scale factor.

/// @brief The flag for enabling/disabling the display window for a certain device. A value of
/// true will cause the display window to appear and display the image at the scale specified by
/// the setting QL_SETTING_DEVICE_DISPLAY_WINDOW_SCALE_FACTOR. A value of false will cause the
/// display window to hide.

/// @brief The scale at which to display the image in the display window. The displayed image is
/// actually 1/(this value), so a value of 2 will display the image at 1/2 original image size
/// and a value of 5 will display the image at 1/5th the original image size.

answered 18 Jun '15, 17:11

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phyatt ♦♦
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edited 22 Jun '15, 14:30

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