I'm looking at upgrading my tablet/laptop to Windows 10.

Are there any known issues for use with EyeTech's software or hardware?

asked 11 Aug '15, 17:42

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Windows 10 Support for EyeTech Software and Hardware

There are no known issues with the latest drivers and software offered by EyeTech. Yay!

I've been testing on Windows 10 for the last couple of days, and we have installed on a few other machines in the office. There are no issues found thus far with the eye tracker drivers or software. It seems to work just fine.

The mouse control, toolbars and other aspects of QuickACCESS and Quick Glance work fine.

The drivers and installers work fine.

Legacy Installers

Some legacy installers (from 2011 or older) refuse to install drivers on versions of Windows newer than Windows 7, I think. Backwards compatibility is baked into the latest versions of Quick Glance and QuickLink2 + QuickLinkAPI, so using a legacy installer should not be necessary.

Other thoughts on Windows 10 Upgrade

One issue that I have seen, is that the local user password gets turned on when the Windows 10 gets installed, so make sure you know that password before doing the Windows 10 update. You may also need to reenter the WiFi password.

Also some laptop manufacturers built around Windows 7, have a BIOS update to support Windows 8 and Windows 10 Fastboot mode. Make sure you check your laptop/tablet manufacturer's website for any BIOS or chipset driver updates.

More information on Fastboot.


answered 11 Aug '15, 17:54

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phyatt ♦♦
accept rate: 8%

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