Is there is a way to remove the scrolling buttons from the blue hotspot?

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The following directions are a little complex. As mentioned further down, we are planning on making it more intuitive and simpler. But for now, this is the process/information for making modifications.

Modify QuickACCESS Layout XML Files

Start by downloading a tool called Notepad++. Open the xml file for one of the layouts you want to edit in Notepad++. (located in C:/Program Files/EyeTechDS/Quick Access/xml) Save the layout under a different name with the same ending in the same folder, like Advanced 2.xml. Before installing a new version of QA, you will want to copy any custom toolbars out of this folder (since it is deleted on an uninstall).

The separate toolbars are called <TAB> The hotspot for each toolbar is called <HOTSPOT> The positioning for each hotspot is described as a percentage of the screen width/height from the top left corner, where 1.0 is 100% and 0.5 is 50%, etc.

The color for the tab and the hotspot can be given in either html hex color codes, or with any of the color names listed here: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/types.html#ColorKeywords

Each tab, after defining a hotspot, has at least one <ROW>, with an <ID>, where the id describes the icon to show for it.

Each row has any number of <BUTTON> elements in it, and each button is given an <ID>, the id for a button describes its function, and maps to predefined buttons. Looking through Advanced.xml, you can see most of the supported buttons.

In XML, to comment out a line or a group of lines, you put <!-- at the beginning of the "commented out" section, and you put --> at the end of the "commented out" section.

There are some extra buttons listed in Advanced.xml that are commented out, that you can try out. They are listed at the end of the first row of the yellow hotspot/toolbar.

Here is how to make a custom button that presses a specific keystroke:


Here is a listing for the name of keyboard buttons. http://www.autohotkey.com/docs/commands/Send.htm A plus sign is used for a combination of keys to be pressed. A comma releases the previous combination, which can be followed by another key or keys. Capital and lower case letters are interpreted as the same key, to create a capital, you need to put Shift+A where A is the letter you want to capitalize.

(As a side note, I have tried Ctrl+Backspace, and with no luck right now. I need to debug it more to find out why it isn't working.)

You can also put websites, folders, and programs on the toolbar, too, but it isn't very easy to do right now. You have to put the exact URL of the program or file. There are a bunch of examples commented out in the Advanced.xml.

Make sure you have matching start and end tags, like <BUTTON> ... </BUTTON>. If you are missing an end tag, then when QA switches to that toolbar, the program will crash, and it is somewhat difficult to undo**. In the next few months, we expect to make editing and adding elements to the toolbar to be much easier (Drag and drop shortcuts, an add new button feature, a macro recorder, etc).

Scripting in AutoHotKey (AHK) is a very robust program for automating actions, and QA can be configured to launch an AHK script.

**To recover from a failed load of an XML, close Quick Access either from Windows Task Manager > Process > QA.exe, or if it is active in the task bar, right click on it and close it. Then open C:\ProgramData\EyeTechDS\QuickACCESS\Profile\EyeTechDS\QuickACCESS.ini in Notepad or Notepad++. Scroll down to Toolbar/xmlName=Advanced 2.xml and change it to Advanced.xml. Then save the file and launch Quick Access.


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Key Description Parent
toolbar Contains tab elements (root)
tab Contains color, hotspot, and row elements toolbar
color SVG color names or #RRGGBB colors tab or hotspot
hotspot Contains color, edge, pos_percent, edge_percent, on_screen_percent, off_screen_percent, opacity tab
edge Enumeration, values are left, right, top or bottom. Referring to edges of the screen. hotspot
pos_percent Double, measured from the top or left edge, how far as a percentage the start of the hotspot should appear, or the offset from the top/left. 0.5 = 50% across the edge of the screen. hotspot
edge_percent Double, the percent of the edge of the screen covered by the hotspot. 0.35 = 35% of the edge of the screen activates the hotspot. hotspot
on_screen_percent Double, the percent of screen overlap the hotspot should have onto the screen. Typically less than 5% of the screen. 0.03 = 3% overlap. If the hotspot is on the horizontal, this uses the vertical dimension of the screen and vice versa. hotspot
off_screen_percent Double, the percent of the screen off the end of the screen, the hotspot should take up in space. Typically more than 10%. 0.2 = 20% off screen size. If the hotspot is on the horizontal, this uses the vertical dimension of the screen and vice versa. hotspot
opacity Double, how opaque or not transparent the element should be. 0 = fully transparent. 1 = fully opaque. 0.7 = 70% opaque or 30% transparent. hotspot
trace Boolean, in the logging information it is more verbose for the element that has this tag turned on. hotspot
row Contains id, active_window, collapsible, button, process_specific, custom_icon tab
id (row) Enumeration, values are active, windows, settings, keyboard, mouse, eye, media, edit, browser, scrolling row
custom_icon (row) String, path to a png file for a custom row icon. row
active_window Boolean, if this icon should show a sub icon for the active window or not. row
process_specific Contains array of name elements. row
name String, exe name that can be whitelisted or black listed for that row/button. A ! in front of the string indicates blacklisted, and lack of a ! indicates whitelisted. process_specific
collapsible Boolean, if the row is collaspable or not. row
button Contains id, and optional custom_action, custom_icon, hotspot. row
id (button) Enumeration, values are active, windows, settings, keyboard, mouse, eye, media, edit, browser, scrolling, pause_eye_tracking, dwell_or_blink, toggle_hide_cursor, toggle_help_mode, show_live_view, do_calibration_update, do_calibration, left_click, toggle_scrolling, toggle_horizontal_scrolling, toggle_bidirectional_scrolling, right_click, double_left_click, triple_left_click, zoom_click, minimize_active_window, show_settings, switch_application, close_active_window, osk, on_screen_keyboard, open_url, resize_active_window, scroll_up, scroll_down, scroll_left, scroll_right, set_scrolling_target, free_drag_click, show_desktop, toggle_toolbar_lock, straight_drag_click, do_copy, do_paste, show_file_explorer, maximize_active_window, toggle_spacebar_clicking, toggle_enter_clicking, toggle_toolbar_position, toggle_ctrl_key_lock, toggle_shift_key_lock, find, cut, select_all, backspace, delete, shift_delete, next_word, previous_word, document_home, document_end, page_up, page_down, home, end, refresh, fullscreen, next_tab, close_tab, new_tab, previous_tab, forward, back, undo, redo, browser_stop, search, bookmarks, browser_home, volume_mute, volume_down, volume_up, next_track, previous_track, stop_media, play_pause_media, launch_email, screen_shot, save, print, enter, tab, spacebar, task_manager, up, down, left, right. button

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For any of the xml links in this post, right click and Select Save Link Target As and then save it to your downloads folder.

Then copy the file to C:/Program Files/EyeTechDS/QuickACCESS/xml. Restart QuickACCESS and you can see the file.

alt text alt text

Teresa's Layout A simplified layout, comes out near the bottom right edge. Red hotspot is unchanged.


No scrolling or document navigation is included in this layout.


No scrolling or document navigation is included in this layout.


Horizontal Scrolling removed!


Horizontal Scrolling removed!

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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