I normally eye track fine but sometimes the cursor will bounce around on me. Why does this happen?

asked 20 Nov '15, 14:46

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Most EyeTech eye trackers for desktop/laptop/tablet use go out focused at a user distance of 60cm. Make sure you are close to this distance from the screen.

Occasionally I have seen issues where users with large pupils will sometimes track poorly. Large pupils may happen when the lighting environment changes, or the screen background color changes from a dark screen to a light screen or vice versa. The change in background contrast can sometimes cause pupils to dilate. If a user is on medication that can cause pupils to dilate which can negatively affect tracking performance - typically cursor becomes more jumpy, sluggish, or less responsive.

If you are using QuickACCESS then go to the INI File alt text

then select the drop down and click on "EyeTracker" and change the distance value from the default 60 to 40 and that should fix the problem. What you are in essence doing is tricking the algorithm so that it tracks better with larger pupils. You may need to adjust the distance value back to 60 once your eyes are not dilated any more. alt text

If you are using our Quick Glance software then go to the settings and in the first tab called Calibration you can adjust the distance lower.

alt text


answered 20 Nov '15, 16:29

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