What is the best way to capture images for sending to tech support to help with analyzing tracking problems?

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The best way to capture images for sending to tech support is to use the Quick Glance utility program. Here is the procedure:

  • Start the Quick Glance program. Be sure to run Quick Glance directly out of the folder it is installed in because it needs the libtiff.dll file to capture images in tiff format which is the easiest for tech support to use. You can find Quick Glance in either of these folders:

“C:Program FilesEyeTechDSQuickLINK_2_2.7.3.1bin”

“C:Program FilesEyeTechDSQuickACCESSutils”

  • If the “Configure Video-Hardware” dialog box appears, you will need to set or verify that the lens focal length and distance are correct for your setup. You can select lens focal lengths from a drop down list in the “lens” section. If your lens does not appear in the list, select “other” and type in your size. As of October 2016, the standard lens being shipped with the TM5 mini and the VT3 mini is a 10 mm lens.

  • If you made changes in the “configure video hardware” dialog box, then clicking “done” will close Quick Glance. Restart Quick Glance, verify settings, and click “done” again which will now take you to the main screen with a live video image.

  • In this screen you can make adjustments in your positioning and observe the tracking cross hairs.
    Click “view full size”. This will display a decimated live video stream.

  • Press the number “1” on your keyboard. This will switch the image from decimated to full resolution which is best for capturing. You should notice a slow down in the refresh rate.

  • While in the “full size” video window, pressing the “enter” key will save an image to the folder “C:TempQuick_Glance_Images”. You can do this as many times as you wish and it will save multiple images each with a slightly different name based on the time saved.

  • While in the “full size” video window, clicking on the full size image will magnify it further around the area where you click. Clicking again returns you back to the main screen. Images cannot be captured from the main screen.


answered 19 Oct '16, 16:21

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