Quick Glance is supposed to work with my AAC software, but it doesn't work with the AEye or the ST version of your eye trackers.

What am I doing wrong? Does Quick Glance work with the AEye? What version should I use?

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Please download an updated version of Quick Glance. Backwards compatability is now supported for the AEye and Quick Glance.

You may also need to update QuickLink2.dll and QuickLinkAPI.dll for third party programs, but most applications have been tested and work well.

To run the AEye with Quick Glance, you need QuickGLANCE 7.0 or newer. BUT this won't solve your problem.

While installing you will find an error message that contains:

This build of QuickGLANCE is intended for testing and development. For general use of the AEye/ST tracker, please see QuickACCESS 1.4 or newer.

This software does NOT support AAC compatibility like Quick Glance 6.x!  AEye/ST trackers rely on our latest algorithm advancements, and backwards compatibility with QuickLinkAPI is not an option.

Please contact EyeTech Support if you have further questions.

The AAC compatibility checkbox in older versions of Quick Glance would sidestep all the improvements and updates that have been put into QuickLink2 by not installing it, forcing Quick Glance to use QuickLink 1 (aka QuickLinkAPI) to run the image processing. Since QuickGLANCE 7, that checkbox has been removed because the AEye and newer eye trackers require it. The grace period of ignoring Quick Link 2 is quickly disappearing as the AEye is becoming the main product line.

The current products that support the older API include:

 TM3, TM3 USB, TM4, and the TM4 Mini (all without AEye or ST in the name)

The best solution for companies that required Quick Glance in the past is to update to using Quick Link 2 in order to be compatible with the new generation of hardware.

The next best solution is to install QuickACCESS. It takes advantage of QuickLink 2 and has a number of features that have been requested over the years. It can behave as a full mouse replacement with hidden toolbars and can operate any software that requires a mouse.

Hope that helps.


answered 04 Apr '14, 13:44

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