Hi, I would to make different color for pupil cross in quickstart opencv codes. I have changed the colors in displayvideo.cpp, but no thing changed. I would appreciate your assistance.

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The default project settings were modified so that both the Debug and Release configurations output to the ./bin directory with the Debug binary being post-fixed with the letter 'D'. This works correctly, but the debugging settings for the project were not using the binary with the 'D' post-fix.

So, you were correctly modifying the debug binary, but Visual studio was running the release build when running the debugger. That is why you never saw your changes when running. If you were to build and run the release version then you would see your changes correctly.

To fix the project settings so that it works correctly while in the Debug configuration, you should modify the location where the 'D' post-fix happens.

While in the Debug configuration change

Project Properties->Configuration Properties->Linker->General->Output File

to be


and change

Project Properties->Configuration Properties->General->Target Name

to be


This will make it so that running the debugger in Visual Studio while in the Debug configuration will actually run the debug binary.


answered 06 Feb '17, 10:51

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