After installing QuickACCESS or QuickGLANCE it fails to launch and just brings up an error about a referral from server.

A referral was returned from the server.

What is that all about?

How do I fix it?

asked 30 Apr '14, 12:43

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edited 30 Apr '14, 12:44

One version of Quick Glance is giving problems on Windows 8. We are in the process of making a new installer. In the mean time, download a new Quick Glance executable file here:


Place this executable in the C:\Program Files\EyeTechDS\Quick Glance\bin directory. Overwrite the existing one with this one.


answered 13 Nov '14, 18:42

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The referral from server error happens when the signed certificates aren't found by Windows. So when the program asks for special permissions, Windows denies the request.

Please check to see if the certificate is installed:

Go to C:/Program Files/EyeTechDS/QuickACCESS

Right click on QA.exe and go to Properties > Digital Signatures

alt text

alt text

Make sure that the details show that the certificate is valid and installed.

Note how it says "This digital signature is OK." referring to the EyeTechDS certificate signed by Digicert. But Digicert isn't installed. The grayed out details link will say "Install Certificate". Click that and install the certificate for Digicert! Then the error will go away.

New installs should have this fixed soon.

Hope that helps.


answered 30 Apr '14, 12:49

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phyatt ♦♦
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edited 30 Apr '14, 18:27


EyeTech has currently tested and fixed this bug and will issue an improved update to our installers so you do not have to use this workaround.

(07 May '14, 20:27) administrator ♦♦
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