Sometimes the live view of the eye tracker has a horizontal streak in the image.

What causes it? How can I prevent it?

Does it make the eye tracking worse?

asked 30 Apr '14, 13:52

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If the eye tracker gets underpowered because the computer is low on battery or Windows is has Suspend power to USB ports as enabled. This will also cause this problem.

Another way that can cause this issue is if the eye tracker is plugged in near to another heavy USB device. So if there is a webcam or some other USB device that has a high data rate, if they are both on the same bus, or on nearby USB ports, they will complete for bandwidth.

If it is because of underpowered USB ports, do the following:

Open Control Panel > Power Options > Plan Settings > Advanced Power Settings > USB Setttings > Selective USB Suspend And change it for both Plugged in and On Battery to Disabled.

Click Ok and now unplug and re plug in your eye tracker. Now any power issues should be resolved.


answered 01 May '14, 13:27

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phyatt ♦♦
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edited 01 May '14, 17:32

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