The mouse cursor jumps to the upper left and gets stuck there occasionally.

What do I do? How do I fix it? What is causing this issue?

asked 12 May '14, 15:30

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Often times restarting QuickACCESS or QuickGLANCE will fix the issue.

There are two big causes of this issue:

  1. If the calibration gets improperly imported/applied to the device, instead of returning valid coordinates on the screen it returns NAN (Not a Number). The NAN gets turned into a large negative number both in the x and y direction. The 0, 0 is the far upper left, so large negative numbers also end up in the upper left.
  2. If QuickACCESS is hooking the mouse movement and the CPU usage maxes out at 100% for too long or if the RAM of the computer is getting maxed out, QuickACCESS is no longer able to know where the cursor is and fails to continue moving the cursor, because it sees the mouse as constantly moving. This can be caused by playing videos on the computer, or by too many tabs open in web browsers.

We are working on a better fix to both of these issues.

If the issue is caused by 2, adjusting a register value on the computer will often fix the issue. Please see the link below for directions.



answered 12 May '14, 15:44

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A recent case with a user calibrating on a single eye (right) and then switched over to the left eye. The cursor went into the upper left corner. This was with QuickACCESS. The user was able to start using the system again after clearing out the old calibration data files. This is done with the following steps:

  • Close QuickACCESS
  • Erase C:\ProgramData\EyeTechDS\QuickACCESS\QLCalibration_Default_User.cal
  • Erase C:\ProgramData\EyeTechDS\QuickACCESS\Profile\EyeTechDS\QLCalibration_Default_User.cal
  • Start QuickACCESS
  • Perform Calibration

Future builds should have this issue resolved.


answered 22 Jan '15, 17:19

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edited 02 Jul '15, 13:00

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If the upper left corner bug is happening on a newer AEye camera, you may need to do an additional step when repairing the calibration.

  1. Close QuickACCESS and Quick Glance.
  2. Delete all the calibration files in C:/ProgramData/EyeTechDS . Or in other words, search for and delete *.cal in that folder.
  3. Unplug the eye tracker! This clears any corrupted calibration data that has been pushed onto the AEye chip.
  4. And now replug in the camera.
  5. Recalibrate in QuickACCESS or Quick Glance.
  6. And the upper left corner bug is resolved.

answered 28 Apr '15, 14:29

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phyatt ♦♦
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