Do any of your products support Mac OS?

asked 19 Feb '14, 11:47

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(04 Apr '14, 17:10) phyatt ♦♦

There are options for this in the near future.

The AEye technology does the processing on the chip and makes supporting more operating systems much easier.

The core mouse control software developed by EyeTech, QuickACCESS, is written with Qt, a set of libraries that are made to be cross platform and easily ported from one operating system to another.

Hope that helps.


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While you are waiting for full support for Mac to come out, you can install Windows side by side with Mac.

Some tools for achieving this are listed below:

Dual Booting

BootCamp - has a set of tools for installing Windows as a separate boot option. We have used this option several times at EyeTech, and it works well. Full support of the eye tech hardware and software can be expected.

Virtual Machines

Basically any software the runs simultaneously within the OSX environment to give a Windows environment in another window.

Some brands of this are:

  • Parallels - not tested
  • VirtualBox - tested, has a slow USB speed and has some issues running the AEye.
  • VMware - tested, and works well for the hardware, some of QuickACCESS's mouse control conflicts with the mouse control provided by VMware

Remote Access Software

If you install a remote access software between a windows computer to the OSX computer, you can also achieve good control of the computer. The most common one used at EyeTech is TeamViewer.


answered 11 Jun '15, 10:54

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